ℹ About Me

Burak Kara works at @Synamedia as an Associate Software Architect under the supervision of Gwendal Simon and he is a Ph.D. candidate @Inria under the supervision of Prof. Bruno Tuffin. In this industry & academia Ph.D. program with notable supervisors, Burak Kara works on Green Video Distribution for end-to-end video streaming services. He has been working in video streaming for four years and has gained experience in CDNs, 360-degree video and low-latency streaming. Previously, he graduated from Ozyegin University with MSc in CS degree with a 3.96 GPA and as a High Honor Student under the supervision of Assoc. Prof. Ali C. Begen. More details can be found in Experience 💼 and Education 📚

In his master's studies, he worked on a 360-degree video streaming project with Nokia for over two years as a research assistant. He co-designed and co-developed new concepts to enhance user experience during 360-degree video streaming with OMAF v1 and OMAF v2. Previously, Burak Kara graduated with B.Sc. in CS from Ozyegin University with a 3.62 GPA as a High Honor Student. Details in Education 📚

Burak Kara has been gaining hands-on experience on React (JS and TS), NestJS, EmberJs and Ruby on Rails in his professional career. In his previous software engineering experiences, he worked on a wide range of projects from web applications to mobile applications as an associate software engineer at Trendyol and Paraşüt, a part-time associate software engineer at KoçSistem and an intern at Credit Europe Bank and OBSS, More in Experience 💼

He also has several projects on video streaming, web and mobile apps. More in Projects 💻

In his academic studies, Burak Kara has co-authored six conference and magazine papers, published in ACM and IEEE proceedings and journals. He also contributed three patent fillings in the field of 360-video streaming. See details in Publications & Patents 📜

He has been achieving new personal and local records on cycling. See details in Social 🚴‍♂